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24 August 2015

Hey Guys & Dolls!
It's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY! We all need a little motivation to start the week off, right? I know I do! Each Monday, I will post a motivational photo. I hope it pushes you on to continue to be great and to shine your light onto someone else!

Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you. Think about that for a second. Your life is shaped by the people with whom you spend time. If the people that you hang with on a regular basis have no goals and/or motivation to improve, you will eventually fall into that same cycle. However, if you surround yourself with motivated individuals with goals and drive, you will in turn find your niche and propel yourself into success. If you hang with a duck, you'll start to cluck. If you hang with eagles, you'll start to soar! 

Do you have a favorite motivational quote? Comment below! I'd love to read it! Thanks for tuning in! See you next time!


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