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06 August 2012

On 8/06/2012 11:15:00 AM by Bina Ayesha   2 comments
Soooooooooo... Anyone that knows me is already hip to the fact that I love tattoos! I think that they are so AMAZING!! I have been dying to get a sleeve and this past weekend I got that journey started. My go to tattoo artist is of course "Tattoo Mike"! He is the epitome of an artist! I don't need a template, all I need is a general idea and he brings it to life. I have an OCD for uniformity... So all of my tattoos tie into each other and look like one big mural. A lot of people question my love for tattoos. I do it because when my life is in total chaos, they are the one thing that I can control. They stay the same, they never change and I always smile when I look at the art and think of the journey. You have to have some sort of creative outlet. I have plenty and tattoos are just one of the ways that I express myself. 
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