11/28/2011 03:43:00 PM
Have you ever been so happy and the closest to peace in your life that you get scared? LOL! That's the place I'm in right now. My life is FAR from perfect, however, it's the closest I've ever been to my definition of imperfect perfection that I've ever been. One day I'll tell you guys all the trials that I've had through out my life, but for now let's just say I've been through the fire and I came out stronger than ever. I have the GREATEST man in my life. I could not have even dreamed up a more perfect person for me. My kids are great, for the most part and so is my family (for the most part). The relationship that I'm in now has made me a better person. My spiritual well being is off the charts. When you have been in relationships that have drained the life out of you and you finally find one that makes your light shine... The feeling cannot be described in words. If I know what love is, it is because of him. After my last breakup, I was like you know what... LOL! this relationship shit is not for me. NOT FOR ME!! but a higher power said "Child Please!" But the reason that I think I was able to recognize this GREAT man when he entered my life, is because I had become peaceful. I finally found out who BINA was and I loved her. I clearly did not love myself and was searching for love in ALL the wrong places and for ALL the wrong reasons. The moment I could be alone and be happy is the moment my whole world changed. See people don't realize that if you don't love yourself, how in the hell can you love someone else? Everyday I read all these single people talking about they need a man or they want a good woman. But are you the reflection of the person that you want in your life? In order to attract a good person, you have to be one. What the hell makes you think you're going to get a good woman or man laying on your back for every tom, dick, harry, jane, judy, or jenny? LOL! Wake up! Be the reflection of the person that you seek. If you get nothing from this post, remember the previous sentence. Let me type it one more time for the knuckle heads. BE THE REFLECTION OF THE PERSON THAT YOU SEEK!! 

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